Great example code from Simon Ferré

Blog reader and Wee Basic programmer extraordinaire Simon Ferré has a very impressive program for the festive season creating this message:

Simon Ferré

All done with graphics. No cheating with images here!

And the code to prove it: Continue reading


Tron Legacy leaves no legacy

The two of you who read this site (thanks mom and dad) would know that I love science fiction. I saw Tron legacy today with much anticipation. Unfortunately I was bitterly disappointed.


I’ll keep it short (there’s not much to it). It’s a lifeless, boring, soulless movie with standard CGI that doesn’t even make good use of 3D. When I saw the baddie make his speech to his army, I was amazed at how thoughtless and mudane the script is.

Oh, and the plot is hollow, predictable and much like a children’s book. Genius papa bear has son. Papa bear disappears (we know into a computer). Son follows papa bear into computer and fights bad guys. Son returns to world with attractive girl (with nose job). Father saves everyone by dying in a huge explosion taking baddie with him. The end.

Envy the Truth

I’m dead and I’m damn happy about it.  Finally, I see freedom.

You see dear reader, we are taught from a very young age to cling onto life for as long as we can.  We struggle through the endless monotony of being slaves to our hunger and our need for sleep and shelter.  We compete with each other for the scarce resources that our planet is blessed with.  There are rich and poor.  Some eat caviar and other starve and slowly decay.

I admit I’ve watched the ‘Matrix’ and I loved it.  That movie is the answer my friends.  It’s not that the minds of humanity are imprisoned in a computer system.  You’d be mistaken to think that.  Also, we’re not trapped in a dream or a figment of someone’s imagination.  No sir.

But – and here’s the rub – we are indeed trapped in a ‘system’.  We’re bound by the laws of physics and by the needs and wants of our bodies.  We are slaves to our desire and held hostage to our insatiable hunger.  We are trapped in physical form in a universe of rules.  We need to find a way to break these rules – to break out of our prison.  The answer is closer than you think.

Okay, I’ll cut to the chase.  Death is the answer.  Yes it’s that simple!  See how easy it is?  The life that we struggle to cling to is actually our prison.

Now that I’m dead I know the truth.  I’m no longer bound by rules.  I am the purest form of being.  Don’t mind me though.  I know you won’t believe me.  I can’t convince you that I’ve escaped the system that you are trapped in.  So keep wallowing in your own suffering my dears.  Keep competing for limited resources until you finally succumb to the truth.

The quicker death arrives, the easier it will be for you.  Trust me.