Mandelbrot Generator with Wee Basic

Well, Simon’s at it again! This time he’s created a mandelbrot generator with Wee Basic. Who knew that this would be possible on a humble Nintendo DS? Here’s a screenshot:

Simon's Mandlebrot Generator

Let’s not forget the code: Continue reading


Wee Basic windows editor mark II

Well, I’ve created a new windows editor for Wee Basic that (thankfully!) doesn’t try to emulate the DS. Instead, the editor comes packaged with:

– FCSR; and
– No$GBA

These are not my programs so if anyone has a problem with me packaging them I’ll remove them.

All you have to do is:

– change the extension of the file from ppt to zip
– unpack into a folder (make sure all of the files are in the SAME folder)
– double click Wee Basic.exe (don’t click on other files – the editor handles all the dirty work for you)
– type in your program and run it from the file->run menu

Running the program launches FCSR and then No$GBA – everything is done behind the scenes. If you have any sprites or backgrounds you want your program to use, please manually copy them into the fcsr directory.  As always, use at own risk.

Time is short at the moment so I haven’t added any bells and whistles yet.

Any questions – comment away

Download: Wee_Editor

Wee Basic 0.81 New version of nintendo ds basic interpreter


Version 0.81

(Thanks to banana joe and montesquou for their suggestions in the comments for the last version)

– revamped load screen now lists files in the root directory for you to select (no more typing in file names)
– more colours added to lines and plots
black 1
blue 2
green 3
cyan 4
red 5
magenta 6
brown 7
white 8
gray 9
light blue 10
light green 11
light cyan 12
light red 13
light magenta 14
yellow 15
bright white 16
(colour 0 deletes)
– new sprite functions to flip vertically and horizontally:
* hflip <sprite no>,<screen>
* vflip <sprite no>,<screen>
– for/next now has a step parameter (the step parameter is added in square brackets):
for <variable>=<numexpression> to <numexpression> [<numexpression>]
eg for i = 10 to 1 [-2], for j= 10 to 100 [10]
– you can now use ‘;’ with print to keep on the same line (see sample program)
– new math functions added: sqr, pi, asin, acos, atan, sinh, tanh, cosh and abs
eg let x=pi, let s=sqr(5)+pi-tanh(10)+abs(-10)
– fixed: label errors
– fixed: crash when file is loaded that exceeds editor capacity


(Change .ppt to .rar and unpack – as always, use at own risk)

Wee Basic 0.8 (another update) – Basic interpreter for the nintendo ds

Yes folks it’s a big day for news (who am I kidding, I’m the only one who reads this blog!).  Wee has been updated yet again to version 0.8.



– new dashboard with save, run and load icons (touch to enable)
– cursor is off the screen for save and load
– key combination to break: you can now hold ‘A’ and ‘Start’ at the same time to break a running program (eg if you get stuck
in an infinite loop)
– all keys are now supported for key() operator, including L and R keys  and Start and Select keys  Summary of values returned by key():

X: 200
Y: 201
A: 202
B: 203
Left: 204
Right: 205
Up: 206
Down: 207
L: 208
R: 209
Start: 210
Select: 211

– input statement bugs fixed

Download here:Wee08

As usual change .ppt to .zip and you’re awaaaayyyy (at your own risk of course)