Jelly Mold

Or Jelly mould?

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Tron Legacy leaves no legacy

The two of you who read this site (thanks mom and dad) would know that I love science fiction. I saw Tron legacy today with much anticipation. Unfortunately I was bitterly disappointed.


I’ll keep it short (there’s not much to it). It’s a lifeless, boring, soulless movie with standard CGI that doesn’t even make good use of 3D. When I saw the baddie make his speech to his army, I was amazed at how thoughtless and mudane the script is.

Oh, and the plot is hollow, predictable and much like a children’s book. Genius papa bear has son. Papa bear disappears (we know into a computer). Son follows papa bear into computer and fights bad guys. Son returns to world with attractive girl (with nose job). Father saves everyone by dying in a huge explosion taking baddie with him. The end.

Don’t interrupt my birthing!

I’m one of those very sad (perhaps sadistic) individuals who likes to write “crazy” stories from whatever happens to pour out of my mind at the time. Sure I could try and get the fruits of my brain published. Maybe even for money. But that’s a pipe a dream and I know it. Not only are the odds stacked against me but there are so many rules. I hate rules. I want to write with freedom and impunity and so, in the tradition of squeezing semi large objects out of a very tiny orifice, I have given birth to this blog. Stay tuned to witness the vile (and hopefully entertaining) juices of my imagination.

Stay tuned….