New Android serial

I had been following a very interesting blog on the development of an x86 emulator for the Nintendo DS. A while ago I lamented the end of that blog. Good news. The author is porting the emulator to Android and I have my entertainment (read: Geek entertainment) back.


The end of my weekly Nintendo DS serial

I’m sure you can tell that I have a ‘thing’ for Nintendo DS homebrew. After all, there’s my own Wee Basic which served as a catalyst for SophistimaCalc (soon to be TapBASIC).

So, how would you like to play your old DOS games on a NDS?  Surprisingly, it has been made possible by a very skilled programmer.

Every week for a while now I’ve been hooked on the journey and progress of DSx86, and its cousin DS2x86, both PC emulators for the Nintendo DS. It’s my weekly NDS serial.  The fact that a PC emulator is even possible on the modest NDS hardware is a credit to Patrick Aalto’s programming talent. For example Dosbox is all but impossible on a NDS because of speed and architectural limitations.

I am sad to say that Patrick has decided not to continue working on his emulators for the time being and I will no longer have the benefit of his interesting and informative weekly updates.

But the silver lining is that Patrick may commence a new project and perhaps even start working on some Android software.  He also hasn’t ruled out picking up where he left off on DSx86 sometime in the future.

Wee Basic windows editor mark II

Well, I’ve created a new windows editor for Wee Basic that (thankfully!) doesn’t try to emulate the DS. Instead, the editor comes packaged with:

– FCSR; and
– No$GBA

These are not my programs so if anyone has a problem with me packaging them I’ll remove them.

All you have to do is:

– change the extension of the file from ppt to zip
– unpack into a folder (make sure all of the files are in the SAME folder)
– double click Wee Basic.exe (don’t click on other files – the editor handles all the dirty work for you)
– type in your program and run it from the file->run menu

Running the program launches FCSR and then No$GBA – everything is done behind the scenes. If you have any sprites or backgrounds you want your program to use, please manually copy them into the fcsr directory.  As always, use at own risk.

Time is short at the moment so I haven’t added any bells and whistles yet.

Any questions – comment away

Download: Wee_Editor