Can KDP Select increase my sales?

Short answer: not in my experience

I’ve had many ideas for scifi stories – just look at the short stories on this blog!  I wanted to develop an idea into a novella. I spent long hours perfecting and polishing and then it was time to sell. I wanted to self-publish, even if some call it a vanity. To the Kindle store! Time to find my pot of gold.

I excitedly scoured the web for tales of riches. This article caught my attention: How Amazon’s KDP Select Saved My Book

I published with Kindle Direct, filled out all the tax forms and shouted for someone to show me the money.

Well, I didn’t instantly become a millionaire.  Not even a thousandanaire or hundredanaire. So I decided to follow the advice of that article and use KDP Select. For those who don’t know, a book can’t be given away on Kindle Direct. The main method of having giveaways is to use KDP Select. Joining KDP Select allows 5 free days to promote your book to the masses.

So I joined and I knew that I was locked in for 90 days. That’s right!  Once you join KDP Select you can’t publish anywhere else, even for free, for 90 days.

I used my 5 free days  – not all consecutively. Anyway, even with the freebies, not many bought my novella. In fact, I don’t want to say how many bought it because it would be highly embarrassing. I’d rather say how many didn’t buy it – thousands.

The worst thing was that, with no benefit, I had to ride out KDP Select for the full 90 days and let my novella languish without having the ability to even give it away! There is even an automatic renewal scheduled unless you opt out. I unticked that box pretty quickly.

Would I use KDP Select again? Almost certainly not.

Should I have made a greater effort marketing in other ways: hell yes!

KDP Select is not a panacea. The gold rush is over.


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