Latest Wee Basic Editor

The old Wee Editor link is no longer working.  Please use this one:

Latest Wee Editor


14 thoughts on “Latest Wee Basic Editor

    • There aren’t I’m afraid. I’m stretched a little thin at the moment and would like to do so many things – if only there were more than 25hrs in a day 😉

      • Sorry – the link is a bit schizophrenic. Thanks for the comp link. I’m not sure I can add enough at this stage to satisfy the comp requirements. Also, the last time I entered Wee Basic into a comp, the people watching/voting couldn’t understand why anyone would want to use BASIC – strange eh 🙂

      • I get the impression that doesn’t like the file because it’s not really a ppt presentation. Can someone suggest where else I can post it?

      • Hi

        Have dabbled in your WeeBASIC, but cannot get the download link to work. Can you please email directly to me? (at address supplied). Cheers,

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