Tron Legacy leaves no legacy

The two of you who read this site (thanks mom and dad) would know that I love science fiction. I saw Tron legacy today with much anticipation. Unfortunately I was bitterly disappointed.


I’ll keep it short (there’s not much to it). It’s a lifeless, boring, soulless movie with standard CGI that doesn’t even make good use of 3D. When I saw the baddie make his speech to his army, I was amazed at how thoughtless and mudane the script is.

Oh, and the plot is hollow, predictable and much like a children’s book. Genius papa bear has son. Papa bear disappears (we know into a computer). Son follows papa bear into computer and fights bad guys. Son returns to world with attractive girl (with nose job). Father saves everyone by dying in a huge explosion taking baddie with him. The end.


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