He faced the day with dread.  The decision had been made.  It was not for him to question; only to execute the orders that had been promulgated.  They were the deities.  They watched over and protected.  They were the good, but to know good there had to be evil.

He had thought for a long time about suffering and why it was that it existed.  Now he knew.  It was all about choice.  There could be no utopia because, if there was, people would have to behave the same.  There would be no choice.  Evil was just an emanation of choice.

It was now his job to propagate evil.  He knew that he was going to cause pain, but that could not stop him.  They had made the decision for him.  They had created evil and it was his job to dish it out.  He had to deliver the message, but it wasn’t as simple as that.  It wasn’t enough to communicate the message.  He had to own it.  Instead of being a mere messenger, it was as if the message was his.

“We will not tolerate dissent,” his master had warned, “Each of you has made this decision yourselves.  We are just an emanation of your common will.”

The truth had been twisted to suit their ends.

“What about the truth?” a soldier had dared to ask on one occasion.  There was a gasp from the crowded unit.

There was no hesitation from the master.  “Remove him.”  So it was done.  He was never seen again.

“Just remember what you have decided today,” the master reinforced.

Oh the irony.  What *we* had decided?

How could he escape this?  It was a symbiotic relationship.  Not only that, but now that he knew the truth they wouldn’t let him go.  How can one man stand up against such tyranny?  With that in mind he continued their evil ways.

Then it suddenly occurred to him.  He had been blaming them all along but the truth was that he was evil.  Sometimes it is worth the sacrifice to find yourself again and to become a “self” instead of an automaton.  He realised that following his own destiny, even if it meant risk of death, was the only way to escape.  He had owned all of their decisions because he had gone along with them.

The unit gathered to hear the next set of orders.  The masters stood before them in their long robes.  They promulgated the evil deeds for the day.  All listened with fear and loathing.

“I will not do it.” he shouted to them.

They didn’t look surprised.  It was as if they had anticipated this move.  “Take him away.”  Nothing more was said.  No argument was entered into.  He had fulfilled his destiny and set himself free, but he still feared the outcome.

Two soldiers approached him.  He hesitated, not knowing whether to fight or remain still for them.  Before he had time to decide they grabbed him and took him away.  He was removed to a small room.  It was dark inside.  He was alone there.  The door was closed.

“You are free to go.”

He didn’t understand.  A door opened on the other side and he walked through it.  It was as if they had been waiting for this moment.

He was set free and all it took was for him to follow his conscience.  He was trapped no more.

Pity about all of those who had suffered and died to make the point.


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