Wee Basic windows editor mark II

Well, I’ve created a new windows editor for Wee Basic that (thankfully!) doesn’t try to emulate the DS. Instead, the editor comes packaged with:

– FCSR; and
– No$GBA

These are not my programs so if anyone has a problem with me packaging them I’ll remove them.

All you have to do is:

– change the extension of the file from ppt to zip
– unpack into a folder (make sure all of the files are in the SAME folder)
– double click Wee Basic.exe (don’t click on other files – the editor handles all the dirty work for you)
– type in your program and run it from the file->run menu

Running the program launches FCSR and then No$GBA – everything is done behind the scenes. If you have any sprites or backgrounds you want your program to use, please manually copy them into the fcsr directory.  As always, use at own risk.

Time is short at the moment so I haven’t added any bells and whistles yet.

Any questions – comment away

Download: Wee_Editor


22 thoughts on “Wee Basic windows editor mark II

  1. Very cool! The key() function works now without returning an error, so that should certainly help development. I’ve already run into a big problem though- every now and then [twice within one hour] the editor just loses my text and the cursor disappears. There doesn’t seem to be any way to get it back and I have to exit the program. I guess til there’s a fix we’ll have to live by the wise words of Master Thalmus- “Save often and you will often be saved.” Anyway, thanks for all your hard work Marovada!

    • CCJ, does the text disappear from the window? Are you doing anything in particular at the time? I’ll have to test this.

    • CCJ, I’ve updated the folder with a new Wee Basic.exe
      Download the new version and let me know if you still have the same problem.

  2. Hi freescifistories.
    Great idea to use FSCR, so we can test the code under no$gba. 🙂
    Now i’m wondering, do you plan to create a compiler that can build a stand alone .nds file for slot 1 flashcarts ?
    For now, we need to paste wee basic code txt, files related to the code in root’s microSD, launch wee basic, load the code and run it.
    Could be cool to only launch one nds file instead.
    In fact, do you plan to add EFS library support to your homebrew ?


    • ccosmos, I’ll get a run-time working soon. The file for it is already in the download package for wee editor, if you can spot it, but I’ll see if I can make it easier to use.

  3. Wow it’s a good improvement !
    Now this code runs very well after putting GIF images in FCSR directory

    backgr 1, “cuore.gif”
    rem anche le gif animate vengono eseguite con 1 solo ciclo*
    createspr 1,1,20,20,32,32, “v32_32.gif”
    gosub aspetta:
    createspr 1,1,100,100,32,32, “c.gif”
    gosub aspetta:

    sub aspetta:
    print 1 at 0,23 “Premere un tasto per continuare”
    while key() = 0

    Thank’s for this new version…
    I’ll use it intensivelly 🙂

    PS Good New Year to you and to all friend of freescifistories
    bye bye

  4. Cannot download latest wee editor for windows. Problem with the site or file. Please check. Anxious to start coding.
    Thank you

  5. Has Wee Basic taken a back seat?
    Will it reach version 1.0!!?!?
    Will a runtime be created?

    Anyway, enough questions.
    Thanks very much, it is a cool / fun app that could be brilliant with a few more tweaks.

    Thanks Again!

  6. It doesn’t NEED much! It IS a quality app.
    Here’s my suggestions / wish list!
    #1 Easy creations of standalone from Editor MKII.
    #2 Simple online command references on Editor and perhaps on touch screen on Wee Basic too.
    Perhaps use ‘SELECT’ to bring up info on lower screen and incorporate the above suggestion into that.
    #3 Have a ‘key repeat’ for the D-Pad to move the cursor easier. (Soft keyboard does it!)
    #4 Have a ‘Load and AUTORUN!’ touch icon.
    #5 Wi-Fi?? Maybe asking to much!
    #6 Nothing wrong with your font but I wouldn’t mind trying to create another! It is mono-spaced isn’t it?
    #7 Have a NEW, CLS for program screen and LIST touch icons.
    #8 command: BEEP pitch,duration?
    I’ll shut up now! Is that food for thought?!

  7. Likewise, I would really like to try out Wee Edit, but can’t download it. In Internet Explorer, the link just returns an error message that Internet Explorer cannot read this webpage format. In Mozilla, the link just takes me to a Google Docs page I have to register for and log onto, and then it just prompts me to upload my own files to Google Docs. I am also having the same problem with the link for Wee Basic 0.81, but was lucky to find another source for that file on GBAtemp.net. Any chance of a re-up for Wee Edit?

    • Hi David. I’m still looking into this because the file is there according to my dashboard. Very strange. I’ll report back soon.

      • I tried the new link, and despite refreshing webpages and everything, found it was still giving me the same problems as before in both Internet Explorer and Mozilla. But then I found a solution on my end, which in hindsight seems obvious, but may be worth sharing in case anybody else is running into this:

        1) Go into Mozilla’s Tools/Options/Privacy settings, and make sure cookies aren’t just enabled for third-parties in-general, but are also specifically allowed for wordpress.com.
        2) Register and log on to wordpress.com.
        3) Search for Wee Basic or etc to enter the freescifistories site from within wordpress.com.
        3) Select the download link for Wee Edit.
        4) When that takes you to a page for Google Docs, click on Mozilla’s yellow drop-down tab to open the attachment using another application.
        5) That should now give a standard download pop-up dialogue to either open the attachment or save it, etc.
        6) After choosing to save the attachment, just change the file extension from ppt to rar or zip to extract it.

        Note this only worked for me by following the exact steps above, and then going into the freescifistories site from within wordpress.com instead of from an external search-link to it.

        Thanks Wee Basic and Wee Edit! I can’t wait to use these!


  8. Good one David. Thanks for sharing. It’s a shame that you had to go through such a complex process to just download the file!

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