Wee Basic 0.8 (another update) – Basic interpreter for the nintendo ds

Yes folks it’s a big day for news (who am I kidding, I’m the only one who reads this blog!).  Wee has been updated yet again to version 0.8.



– new dashboard with save, run and load icons (touch to enable)
– cursor is off the screen for save and load
– key combination to break: you can now hold ‘A’ and ‘Start’ at the same time to break a running program (eg if you get stuck
in an infinite loop)
– all keys are now supported for key() operator, including L and R keys  and Start and Select keys  Summary of values returned by key():

X: 200
Y: 201
A: 202
B: 203
Left: 204
Right: 205
Up: 206
Down: 207
L: 208
R: 209
Start: 210
Select: 211

– input statement bugs fixed

Download here:Wee08

As usual change .ppt to .zip and you’re awaaaayyyy (at your own risk of course)


31 thoughts on “Wee Basic 0.8 (another update) – Basic interpreter for the nintendo ds

  1. Hai caramba !!

    Yeah !! I love it please more of this hot Weebasic stuff.

    Thank you ….

    You are not the only guy who read this blog

    Toni Lee

  2. ha ha! More than just YOU reads this blog. That’s what you get for having something as fun as Wee Basic out. I haven’t programmed in BASIC since the TRS-80 was new.

    /I’m so old…

  3. Toni & AliasUndercover, am I dreaming? Did I write those comments in my sleep? If you’re both real then thanks for the encouragement!

  4. just discovered weebasic recently, and i’m having fun with it too… Thanks for the update, i’ll be trying it out tomorrow on my commute to work 🙂

    • Glad you like it bananajoe. I’m always working on a new version in my free time. Thinking of extending the maths functions and including left$, right$, mid$ etc for string manipulation.

      Anything you want to see in the next version?

  5. Hi again !

    What I want to see in the next version :
    -playwav to play short wav (or raw etc.) files
    -flipsprite to turn a sprite in y or x direction
    -playfield to get a 800 x 600 field which each has 16×16 pixels (idea from my brother !)
    different fonts
    more colors
    a directory on the lowerscreen to see the saved programs

    When you will release a new version? Within this month ?

    Thank you

    • I’ll see what I can do. No ETA yet on the next version – not much spare time at the moment, but I’ll be as quick as I can.

  6. Bananajoe, whats your idea of a playfield?
    the amigalike version of a giant gfx-pic or assembled by tiles?

    Weebasic looks great!

    • I thought about DO/Loop but there’s already while/wend. The difference is that while/wend doesn’t execute once and then test the boolean expression but the work around is, for example:

      let x=1
      let y=0

      while x=1 or y=1
      let x=2

      As x=1, the while loop will execute once but not again because on the second run x=2 and y=0

  7. Hi,
    great job!

    -Exists PRINT with semicolon ? ( PRINT “xy”; )
    -how does the RND()-fx work? will i get an integer-value or an flowpoint-value?
    -don’t exist data,read,restore?
    -the for-Next-loop, will it be upsized by STEP ?
    -More colors please, 16 colors like the cbm-64 or rgb-values were great! 😉

    • montesque,

      – will add ‘;’ to a future version
      – returns an integer
      – yes, don’t exist
      – will add ‘step’ in a future version
      – okay

  8. Hi Freescifistories ,
    I am sorry I claimt to fast ……

    I checked the pong demo and I found my misstake ,Print , line etc was not with which screen 0 or 1 .
    Also I played mp3 by another demo . (Cool function)
    But I can not load a gif like island.gif and show 😦 ?
    I tried backgr 1,island.gif but I get
    Error : statement expected in char position 16 near
    [ackgr 1,island.gif]
    I think I made a misstake but which one ?
    Load and save programms is no problem also mp3 noproblem.
    I am usin Movieplayercard and it is dldi patched.
    Which cart you are usig for wee basic ?

  9. Hi Monte !

    Yes I tried ” ” and it works fine for me ! Thanx !!

    -> Freescifistories Hi !
    O.k. now I have probs anymore cool !
    Please give us some more colors with the next release and
    if possible a Directory function …..
    Do you need Beta testers ??

  10. Hi,
    I tried to code a little program, here some impressions:
    -Why is an ‘if’ ended by a ‘endif’? Not an error, but ‘comfort’! 😉
    -The ‘Goto Label:” ends with an ‘:’. In other basics is that not neccessary but it’s not a real error, too.

    -If I have used Labels und Goto-Statements and I expand my sourcecode, the Labels/Gotos seem to create errors.
    Are you using a Table with the Label- and Jump-Adresses? And this table will not be resetted everey new ‘Run’?
    My workaround is to save the code, turn the DS off and one and try to run the program once more.

    • Monte,

      – ‘endif’ allows ‘if’ to apply to more than one statement. Otherwise you could only have one statement after ‘if’ to which the condition applies
      – Ending in ‘:’ tells the interpreter where the end of the label name is. I could have just used space, but I wanted white space and end of label to be different
      – You could be right about not resetting labels. Can you post your code so that I can check?

  11. -the if and more statement will I test, could be mixed with the label-problem
    -the Ending ‘:’ of a label is also neccessary in the Goto-Statement!
    -I have to lok at home for the code(I’m at work 😉 )
    The priciple is:


    print 1 ” This is a test”

    goto label123:


    now, I insert a rpint- statement before then Label123: with an syntax-error(!), try to Run, correct the Error and try to RUN once more.
    The Programm will stop at the END-Statement!

    • – the ending with ‘:’ in a goto statement is also because of white space

      – thanks for the code. I’ll test to see what the error is. It might take a short time to debug

      • I believe, the forcing of an error after inserting lines in a ‘bug’free-basic-program is neccessary to ‘awake the bug’.
        Yoe should get the error in any basic-prg, where you insert lines (before a label).
        (excuse my ugly english, I#m from germany and use it so poco! )

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