Wee Basic 0.7 Released

Wee’s in for an update yet again.



– editor bugs inserting text and backspacing fixed: many thanks to Peter Reissner (aka s54boc) for fixing these
– new splash screen
– cursor starts in correct position on launching wee basic
– comments can now be made in program.  Just start with ‘rem’ and everything is ignored until a ‘*’.  For example:

rem this will be ignored *
print 1 “This will not be ignored”

– cursor is now off-screen while a BASIC program is running

Download here: Wee07

Change .ppt extension to zip and you’re right to go.  A always, use at your own risk.

Wee072(Above, Peter Reissner’s program)


8 thoughts on “Wee Basic 0.7 Released

  1. Sweet!

    Just snagged it, haven’t run it yet. What’s the resolution of a text screen? Looking for my PET 2001 BASIC books… maybe I can get Star Trek working 🙂

    Many Thanks!

    Ever think of coding a C interpreter… like Awk 🙂

    • Matt, the use of line numbers and gosub statements in the old BASIC books are easier to manage with a program called BAS2SB which translates them into labels, such as those that wee basic uses. Let me know if you have any problems and I’ll be happy to help out. I’ve been collecting a few BASIC books from ebay. I used to copy code from magazines in the ’80s – that’s how I learn’t how to program. I’ll also have a look at Awk.

  2. Thanks for the tip on BAS2SB. I just found a printout of my very first serious BASIC program, which was for an Apple (1) and/or Commodore PET. Play euchre against the computer. I’ll have to scan it and try to convert with BAS2SB, and play on DS perhaps.

      • It may be a while before this happens. But I’m sure the program lines are mostly longer than 32 chars, although the program is likely less than 256 lines. It could be interesting.

      • It should be ok for the program line to go over 32 characters. I guess the text buffer could also be increased beyond 256 lines if memory permits.

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