Thoughts out of the Body

Don’t f*cking hate, dissociate,
Four am,
And I was carried away,
Lost my way in the shadow,
But I’ve got to stay,
In the present but I moved away,
Obi wan and the force and God,
Superman and Zod,
His great speed,
Needed to intercept that missile,
But do not interfere in human history,
Even if there’s misery.
I won’t God,
I promise,
I’m not the type,
The ambulance can’t shine its lights,
If no one’s sick,
So I’ll stick to the plan,
Please make me the man,
Of steel so I can save the world,
And not have to worry,

Wake up clown,
You’re dreaming,
You’re nothing again,
Kick some sh*t,
And then slave in the pit,
Of misery,
Like you want to be,


2 thoughts on “Thoughts out of the Body

  1. Sounds a little like lyrics to some David Usher songs. BTW, I am a big fan of David Usher. If you haven’t heard of him, give him a listen. (well known by him= Black Black Heart)

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