Personality no. 35 creates Anti-Reality Deluxe (rest of me weeps)

Story Page

Okay, I’ve done it now – an actual paid app for the iphone/ipod touch.  Before you torture me with insults (and believe me I’m used to it – except for personality no. 23, who is a bit sensitive and cries on a whim), it’s only being sold for pocket change (99 cents in the US store and equivalents elsewhere) – assuming you still have pockets in this economically catastrophic depressing recession.  For that small amount, you get these extras:

– four exclusive new stories that are only available in this app
– automatically bookmarks your place in the book for when you return
– customize your experience: choose your ebook background (white, parchment or cardboard) and text color

But wait!  There’s more!  You’ll get the app, a set of steak knives, the nose picker, foot rubber, thong cream, brain enhancer, backdoor vacuum and hair deodorizer all for the one low price!  Eh, who am I kidding?  Forget it – how am I supposed to become a billionaire with all of that?  Times are tough.  Just the app (there goes my career as a salesman…)

If you want  it, it’s here: Anti-Reality Deluxe

If you don’t, just join the rest of humanity and ignore this post.  As always, it’s your choice.


9 thoughts on “Personality no. 35 creates Anti-Reality Deluxe (rest of me weeps)

  1. It’s a secret wimp. If you tell any other me I’ll get rid of you and the other mes will help me… er… huh?

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