To Zomboula: Wee 0.5, sounds and all

Commenter zomboula’s gonna be mighty pleased with this new version of Wee Basic because:

– it has SOUND (can play mp3s); and

– you can record and play from the DS MICROPHONE.


One more surprise: some of you my be happier with the editor. Not brilliantly astonishingly pleased, but a tinsy bit happier.

As usual, download the ppt file and change the extension to zip. Archive includes a sample program to test the new commands.

Happy programming.

PS Wee Basic manual is now a separate page on this site. Enjoy my friends. (Sorry for being presumptuous – I really have no friends except for me, me and me!


(As always, use at own risk)


14 thoughts on “To Zomboula: Wee 0.5, sounds and all

  1. hello
    I just tried this application, because I’m looking for use my DS in record sound. If I understand, you have to write the name of the command for use this application ? But if I tape “micrec” as the manual says, my ds says : “error : statement expected in char position 6 near [micrec] end of program presse A to continue…”
    Can you help me ? I don’t understand what I have to do for record my voice on DS…

  2. Morgane, did you just type micrec?

    Wee Basic requires the ‘end’ statement to end each program otherwise you get that error. The interpreter is telling you that it expects a statement because it doesn’t know that you have ended the program. The program, at a minimum is therefore:


    However, to hear your recording, you need to use ‘micpla’. So type the following code:


    That should work, but it doesn’t tell you what’s happening. I would therefore type:

    print 1 “Recording….”
    print 1 “Playing….”

    Look at the demo provided with Wee 0.5

  3. I cannot load the demo.
    NDS ( not lite )

    Error: Statement expevted in char position 4 near [ demo.]
    I have tried inserting spaces after the filname and then deleting them.

    Can anyone suggest a fix ?
    Thanks <:0~

  4. Never mind, sorted..
    I guess more than one person has made this mistake..

    I misread the instructions,Or rushed through them. To eager to try Wee.

    Press A Button

    Press X Button

    Then type in the File Name ” demo.txt ”

    Scroll to the bottom of the listing ( using the + )

    Now press Button A (when the Cursor is beside the ” End ” )

    Software runs. Can record OKAY.

    It`s quite simple when you know how.


    I Quite like it

    Thankyou ..

  5. Thanks Brit. You shouldn’t have to scroll to the “End” for it to work. Let me know if you have any other problems.

  6. Hi there,
    i was glad to found wee basic on the net. I programmed basic since i got a c64, so thiswas fun.

    Now i think i found the big bugg in your app.
    When i edit a programm on the pc and then load it, it works (if i didnt make a mistake =) )
    But if i scroll down with the editor on the ds, he gives feedback of the statement error.

    Also, if i wrote a print order that is too long to display on the ds screen (e.g. print 1 “hallo alle da draussen.” your editor seperates it to the following(hallo alle da drauss en.)
    I thin it adds an break (like pressing the enter key) to it.
    Keep on the good work, i like to see the app ready to work with an code some games(good old fashioned fantasy rpg text n picture)

  7. docagebra, can you post the exact code that causes the problem. I’m not sure what you mean by “scrolling” causing an error. I’m always happy to fix bugs.

  8. Well, i meant when you bring the cursor down on the ds, it seems like it sets returncodes, so the wee basic code is dismembered.

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