Wee Basic and Neo Spring Comp 2008

Forgot to mention that I’m pleased (but not insanely outrageously excitedly enthusiastically ready to pop a  multitude of corks) that Wee Basic came in the top 10 winners of the Neo Spring Competition.

See: http://www.neoflash.com/forum/index.php?topic=5080.0

Thank you to Dr Neo et al.  I’m assuming that Dr Neo is not a medical practitioner and likely not the holder of a phd.  I think he’s a doctor of competitions.

Actually, this is all a bit meh.  I think I’ll go back to my hovel which is a metaphor for the rock I live under, which is a metaphor for the simile that my life is like eternal confinement  (I’d take the red pill any day).

By the way, I’m sick of using the comments for arguments between my many different personalities so if someone wants to leave a comment, don’t feel shy!  Well, back to my medication….


4 thoughts on “Wee Basic and Neo Spring Comp 2008

  1. are u schyzofrenic free???
    have got the time to do my request for the microphone basic code ???

    i am so impatient to see the key code to do record and play sond !!!

    have pease

  2. zomboula, I’ll check with all of my personalities and get back to you. I’m sure that someone in my head may be able to help but I’m the weak side of me so I can’t force the issue or the other mes will find a way to get rid of me.

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