Self Critique

Your stories are BS. You think they’re so deep do you? You’re just a depressed, shallow b@stard who wants attention. Ooh, come and look at my site! Come and see how I can’t even put two words together without embellishing, overstating and not even building characters. Do you ever have a single original thought that isn’t just sh1t? Yeah – short stories with emphasis on short because you don’t have the frigging brain power to write more than a few hundred words. You are lazy and you have absolutely no talent b1tch! That’s why you’re too scared to go to a real publisher because you’re going get rejected, you two bit fake arsed f#ck.

Oh, and I haven’t forgotten wee basic. It’s called ‘wee’ because it’s a piece of p1ss.  What a half arsed attempt at a project. Wow I can play tic tac toe! I can make a character move on a background. Gee what a f#cking revolution! You’re taking the DS from a modern games console back to the f#cking eightees with an obscenely bloated and buggy version of an interpreter that Bill Gates wrote in 4K!

Hope you’re happy you left your lazy, half arsed, untalented, b#llsh1t, f#cked up, boring, d1ck tw@t mark on the web, you f#cking idiot.

Oh, and in case it’s not already f#cking obvious the only worthwhile pick on your so called ‘poll’ is get a life. Maybe you should add ‘get some talent’.


4 thoughts on “Self Critique

  1. I cant say I awlways read then, but I do like your stories they are really deep in a sutile way and I enjoy then when I down load a new wee basic version I read then all,I do like writing too but with the time I developed my short histories into whole songs I love music more than anything else I am learnig music rigth now, and I want to be a singer maybe I will write a novel one day! but my point is if you enjoy writing them as much as I reading them then keeps writing otherwise find a way to enjoy what you do, forgive my grammar!

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