Dissociation was his greatest strength. He would move from time to time and place to place in a state of disbelief. The journey didn’t seem to matter any more and the destination was just a haze.

He was a big fan of the Matrix trilogy because he could relate to its theme. It wasn’t that there were machines taking over the world in his version of reality. That wasn’t the point. It was the fact that he could see through to the core concept that reality is just a construct of sensory perception.

In fact, it went deeper than that. To him, the universe was just a construct based on rules that we call the laws of physics. He knew that those who lived within the construct were bound by its rules. If he could somehow leave the construct those rules could be broken. After all, the singularity at the core of a black hole breaks the rules and his thought was that the singularity was free from the construct. That was the key to success and perhaps even the reason why we were here in the first place.

But how could he free himself from the construct and break the rules? He would have to distance himself further from what others perceive as being reality. He looked at his surreal surroundings. He was sitting in a coffee shop eating a sandwich. He barely tasted it. It may as well have been cardboard.

The constant murmur of the conversations around him was frustrating. How can they go on with this charade? Were they happy being a temporary part of the construct? He theorised that they had forgotten that they were mortal.

He began to dissociate. It was as if his thoughts were floating into a thick fog. Everything became meaningless. He closed his eyes to the world and became unconscious and unfeeling. His perception ended.

He awoke with a jolt. How had he fallen asleep? He quickly opened his eyes expecting to feel overwhelmed with embarrassment, but that didn’t happen. He wasn’t at the coffee shop anymore. He was nowhere. There was nothing but darkness around him.

He suddenly realised that he was traveling through the darkness at a very high speed. Where was he?

Do you want to find out?


13 thoughts on “Nothing

  1. How can I troll on my own site moron? Can’t you take constructive criticism? Why the f#ck would you ask that question anyway? Just get off your lazy arse and write the rest of the story. Maybe the two f#cks that visit this site will appreciate it.

  2. You can insult me but don’t you dare try to insult my readers! I’m going to have you banned!

  3. Neither of you has the right to tell me what to do.

    PS I f#ck myself all the time anyway, so your suggestion does not insult me.

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