Wee Tic Tac Toe Demo

I’ve written a tic tac toe demo for Wee Basic in order to demonstrate use of about 95% of the language. The main things it leaves out are sprites and backgrounds which were demonstrated on the release of Wee 0.4.

Tic tac toe is based on a program written by Tim Hartnell in his Giant Book of Computer Programs in the 1980’s, modified for Wee Basic using a great tool called BAS2SB which converts line numbers into standard BASIC. I recommend both Tim Hartnell’s books and BAS2SB.

This blog does not allow me to upload txt files (ver frustrating!) so I’ve put a ppt extension on the file. To use it, just change the ppt extension to txt. Download here:tictactoe.ppt

Here’s a screenshot (not that pretty but I’m sure someone will improve it):


If you are getting “statement expected” error at the end of this program or the sprite demo, see my post in this topic:



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