Xavier knew that if he went back there, HE would try to turn them into minions. Nevertheless he jumped on to his motorcycle with Jeff on the back. They both carried the same kind of gun. It was a converter gun, with a barrel on each end, to be held in either direction – single shot one direction, automatic fire if held in the other direction. It automatically sensed in which direction it was being held so that the user didn’t shoot him or her self.

Problem was they didn’t have much ammo and there would be many minions. It was going to be risky, but something compelled them to go back. It was like the irrational risk a person takes in a nightmare. They were going back home.

As they neared their destination, they agreed that Xavier would fire the shots and Jeff would hold the other converter gun in reserve. After all, they had to conserve their ammunition.

Suddenly, the minions ran towards them in a very large group. They were pretty ugly looking lizard-like creatures that walked on two legs. The shame was that they had once been human, before HE had got to them. They could tear a person apart with sharp teeth and claws.

Xavier began with single round fire, but there were too many of them and it was not very effective. He then turned the gun around and sprayed some automatic fire in their direction. The minions began to fall, but a lot of ammunition was wasted. There were many more minions too. It was hopeless. He and Jeff needed to keep some rounds to fire at HIM.

In the circumstances, Xavier decided that evasion was better than taking them head on. He zigzagged around the minions, pushing the bike to its limits. They were everywhere. He knocked them down, brushed them off and fired a few single rounds in more dangerous encounters. Just as he and Jeff thought that they had run out of luck, they were home.

It was unrecognizable. The place was filled with rocky streams. Why was there so much water? The minions had disappeared. HE would not be far from Xavier and Jeff. HE didn’t need the minions around him. Xavier and Jeff got off the bike and negotiated many narrow, wet corridors with their converter guns at the ready. Aside from the sound of the flowing streams, it was eerily quiet and it was dark and humid.

Then HE was in front of them. HE was moving towards them, a giant of a man. He grinned from cheek to cheek. He had wild, curly black hair and a goatee on his face. He looked very confident.

Xavier fired a few rounds at HIM, but to no effect. Who or what was HE? How could HE be killed? In his panic, Xavier turned the gun around and sprayed some automatic fire at HIM. It was no use. HE merely looked back amused. How could this be? Was it a bad dream?

HE disappeared. Xavier looked behind him. Jeff was gone. Xavier was alone. Jeff’s gun was on the ground. Xavier scooped it up and began to run back through the narrow corridors. It no longer looked like his home at all. Most strange was the water everywhere.

All of sudden a new minion appeared in front of him. It groaned in a very low pitch as it moved towards him. It threatened to tear him to shreds. Xavier guessed that it was Jeff. He didn’t know for sure. Did he have the heart to kill it? He knew that if he did, Jeff would be gone forever.

Jeff had been quite an overweight, short, balding man with glasses. The minion was tall and slim, but that meant nothing. It could all be part of the transformation.

Xavier fired one shot which kept the minion at a distance but did not kill it. Xavier ran away from the minion. Jeff or not, he couldn’t waste the ammo. He negotiated all of the streams, reached the front door and ran out of the house. He had an idea. Hopefully he was right.

There was something about the water. Xavier guessed that it may give HIM his power. Xavier rode the bike to a house nearby. Like all the other houses around it was deserted. He ran inside and searched for any liquid he could find – cleaners, perfumes and anything else that could possibly contain a poisonous substance. On the way back to his house he had eluded the minions again, but ammo was running very short. He was already using Jeff’s gun.

He was back at the house. Do it quickly. Empty all of those containers into the streams. Perhaps one of them would contain something that could poison HIM. HE would be there soon. The pressure was building.  Xavier kept looking back over his shoulder.

It didn’t seem to be working until he backtracked to parts of the house that he had previously contaminated. The streams there had run dry and were replaced by blackened mud, which dried quickly. HE appeared in front of Xavier as if from nowhere. It was clear that HE was not amused. HE was going to kill Xavier.

HE was clearly weak. Xavier fired shots at HIM and HE recoiled, but HE was still hard to kill. Xavier ran out of ammo. HE smiled again for the first time since the beginning of this latest encounter and moved towards Xavier. HE seemed to be unstoppable.

HE was getting closer. Xavier would have to do something. HE was right in front of Xavier now. HE was about to touch Xavier when Xavier smashed him in the torso with his empty converter gun. HE doubled over in pain. Xavier had some momentum. He hit HIM again and again. HIS face had disappeared. HE was only a torso now lying on the ground. Xavier had beaten most of the life out of HIM.





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