Wee Basic: New Release

New version: alpha 2


Alpha 2


– no longer crashes when loading a file that doesn’t exist


– variable names are no longer restricted to 1 character. Wee Basic now supports variable names of up to 8 characters, starting with a letter
but can otherwise use a combination of letters and numbers. eg test, a1, string12, a1b1, hello$
– one dimensional string and numerical arrays are now supported. To use them you first have to declare them with the “dim” statement.
eg. dim a1(10) dim hello$(5)
– there is a maximum of 100 numerical and 100 string variables
– each string array is limited to 30 members
– each numerical array is limited to 100 members

-you can print at a particular position on the screen using the “print at x,y”, where each of x and y is a numerical expression

Feel free to download the attached file (Wee Basic Alpha 2 )- don’t forget to change the extension from ppt to zip before opening. If you have any feedback, comments, bug reports etc, please comment or go to the forum:


Some code examples will be posted on the forum as well.


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