Wee Basic **Update**

I’ve updated Wee Basic to alpha 1a.

– fixed text references in start screen to save/load

– new font

– better cursor character

– fixed some cursor bugs.

Comments welcome. For example, tell what you want me to add – within reason 🙂


Download here:weebasic1a.ppt

Don’t forget to change ppt extension to zip.

Also, for those wanting to read The Futile Life, the next installment will publish soon.


24 thoughts on “Wee Basic **Update**

  1. hi, I really like programing, I am only a beginer but I relly like basic, and I think, that wht you are doing with wee is graet but I wonder, is possible for you to make it, like the pictochat, that you can type a word with the directional pad + a button and maybe even delete it with the button b, becose I know there are a lot of people like me who find it a little bit dificult to write typing the tactil screen, or that just have it bussted. thanks and keep doing your great job.

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  3. putzpie: it’s a bit of a combination. Something like classic basic with no line numbers (using labels instead) and some advanced features like while/wend and if/else if/else/endif.

    It is a work in progress, so I’m happy to take on any suggestions.

  4. Well I found a bug, or a few maybe, one was my code said it had an error and I loaded it a different time and it worked after that? and I also had some working code and then loaded it and it said there was an error, and pointed to the END statement, this was with alpha 1c

  5. putzpie: thanks – this is just the sort of feedback I’ve wanted. Can you post your basic code & I’ll test it. I need to know exactly what the errors were as well.

  6. well I looked over the code just to double check, and I think I had actually editted it >.<; but it still doesn’t work, I’ll look over that in a minute, but anyway is it only possible to have one char long variables?

  7. by one char long I mean one character for the name, like I tried using “count” as a variable name, and it didn’t work, changed it to c and worked out, if you can only have the variable names one character long, that’s something you should probably fix, oh and some arrays might be nice too, otherwise the interpreter is pretty cool!

  8. putzpie: yes variables can only be one char long at this time, but I’m working to completely rewrite the variable system in the next release.

  9. well that sounds good, and maybe timers would be nice too, but seeing as it’s still alpha I know what your sayin, you can only work so hard! Anyway keep up the good work, right now I can test out wee basic, I kind did something to my DS, I opened it, and then it just bleh the part that the light to show your battery life just fell off, and I’m gonna see if/how much I can get it repaired for.

  10. the DS works fine, I just really need a new skin for the inside, but I can’t believe it’s gonna be 75 BUCKS JUST FOR THAT! anyway I’m not under warrenty, wouldn’t have mattered, but still. but It’s still operable, I can put the piece back in after I’ve done some adjusting and what not, but I was workin on a program to get a cursor to work, but sadly I’m not gonna be able to work on it now…. oh well, I have a plane game to work on! you should have a forum or something, or if you do hook me up with the URL so then we can discuss it there.

  11. Putzpie, unfortunately I don’t have a forum at the moment, but I’ll have a look into it. Are you using Wee Basic for the game?

  12. well it’s not a game with Wee basic, it’s with Just BASIC (computer version of it), the thing with the cursor it’s a testing tool, or example program really, I’m gonna make it so you plot the dot and plot another one it makes a line, I used pong as an guide, you should work on that too, I know you are, but anyway, for more about the plane game click my link on my name and goto downloads then entertainment, it’s just a demo, right now I’m working on a rewrite, gonna be better by 100 fold, that’s for sure!

  13. for a forum, if you looking for a free one, I suggest invision free, it’s actually pretty good, there’s ads, but I don’t even know where they are, anyway it gets the job done, it’s what I use for my forums actually!

  14. i dont really understand this prog, i mean do you may can upload an example game or an bigger faq then the basics please?

  15. tn5493: it’s an interpreter for the basic programming language. Just type in a program using the on-screen keyboard and run it by pressing the ‘A’ button.

    For example, type:

    print “Hello World”

    Then press the ‘A’ key.

  16. Root directory is the base directory. For example, if your disk is e then the root directory is e:\
    It means that you don’t put wee and the other files into a folder eg e:\myfolder

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