BASIC interpreter for Nintendo DS

I have made a BASIC interpreter for the Nintendo DS. I call it Wee Basic. It is DLDI compatible and includes a demo BASIC program to show you the available commands and syntax. Best of all you can program on the DS itself. I will be posting more information when I get an opportunity, including a more detailed walk through of the demo program.

Note that I cobbled the editor together very quickly & I will have to better it over time & iron out some bugs.

Download the file using the link below and change the extension from ppt to zip before opening – using ppt was the only way I could upload it to this blog.

As with all homebrew, use at your own risk.

Wee Basic


5 thoughts on “BASIC interpreter for Nintendo DS

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  2. I must admit, i enjoy using this program and have trailed it for an hour, i would like to suggest an easier and quicker way to move back and forth the code on the DS, once the code becomes longer its a pain to use the pads left and right buttons to go threw it all

  3. Twisted_Pro: I’ll keep working to make it easier. The editor was the very last thing I did so I admit it needs a lot of work.

    Thanks for your comment.

  4. Line numbers don’t work. And make GOTO work please, I haven’t tested it because I don’t want to type without the stylus but I lost the stylus. And release source-code, and also please to make a documentation explaining all of the commands. And, I think you should make START button to run program instead of A button to run program.

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