The Futile Life – Part 5

John moved along the procession, closer to his destination. He had only been fitted with light armor for this scenario. He wasn’t wearing any head gear. They said it would be okay. It was a first outing at fairly low risk. But – don’t forget the “panic” button. If he ever got into trouble he could hit the panic button. It would then only take ten seconds for him to return to “real” space-time.

Naturally, his armor was blended into the costume of the time. It was a little uncomfortable but they said he would get used to it soon enough.

It wasn’t going to be the most exciting adventure, but at least he didn’t expect any trouble, and he had lots more time for more risky and more frenzied adventures. Anyway, he still felt pretty…



(…nervous. The food taster was full of nerves. All he ever thought about, dreamed about… was food. More and more food… closer and closer to death. Food…FOOD… FOOD…POISON….DEATH.

He had developed a very keen eye for packages of food or herbs. He hadn’t seen any yet. Most of the gifts were pieces of silver or gold, but the day wasn’t over yet…)



… fired up and nervous at the same time. He had never done anything like this before. John was finally in a different world where he could forget about his day to day grind. He was focused entirely on…



(… their hands. Person after person approached His Majesty. The food taster’s heart skipped a beat every time he thought he saw food. What was that? Oh no – cold waves of dread…)



… the moment. Warm and tingly waves of nerves and elation enveloped John’s body. He…



(..felt a cold shudder… then suddenly warm relief… The many colors were only part of a sculpture. His Majesty was pleased… Blood pressure rising again in anticipation of…)



… was approaching the front of the line. John rehearsed in his mind what he had to do. Don’t forget…



(… the next gift. Oh no! What’s that? He couldn’t identify it. He had never seen anything like it. Don’t jump to conclusions. It’s probably another sculpture. Heart rate starting to rise…his ears blocked by the sound of his own thumping heart. A scream was trapped within the confines of his mind. He wanted to let it out. He had to SCREAM, but he couldn’t. He SCREAMED inside his head as the dark and relentless fear enveloped him.)



… the kneel and bow.  John was finally at the front of the line. He was almost too nervous to move, but the adrenaline kept him going as he was motioned forward towards the King.

[to be continued]



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