The Futile Life – Part 1

[Here is part one of the first story on this site]

John was so sick and tired of work that he was either going commit suicide or take a holiday. Since he couldn’t be bothered killing himself because of the effort that would take, he decided that a vacation would have to be the choice. But this would be no ordinary vacation. He needed to be set free of his troubles and get some exercise. He wanted excitement with absolutely no commitment. He wanted to be on the edge of what divides fantasy from reality and life from death. Sitting there daydreaming about being a hero finally brought a smile to his face. “I’ll do it,” he whispered to himself.

“What will you do?” a voice whispered back with a severe sarcastic tone.

John’s back arched upwards in fright. He almost stood up in his chair. The anguish contorted his face. “Sh*t!” he cried out in terror. It was his boss, standing right behind his chair.

His boss was angry as always. His pudgy face was red as blood and there was the usual amount of salty sweat on his forehead. His thick eyebrows crossed his beady brown lash-less eyes and his mouth twisted in a snarl. “I’ll tell you what you’ll do,” he screamed. “You’ll get me that paper in the next half an hour because I’ve got a very angry client on the phone whose deadline I have failed to meet. And why have I failed to do this?”. He was good at asking rhetorical questions. “Because of you… Again!”.

John was angry and scared at the same time. He was absolutely fed up with working with these f*cking sociopaths. But, on the other hand, he couldn’t survive without money and he was a pretty insecure person because of the crap he had to put with as a child. [Boo hoo. Childhood sucks for all of us pussy. Stop making excuses].

He felt like retorting with “Do the f*cking work yourself then… you money grubbing fat lazy f*ck.” Of course, he didn’t have the courage or the inclination to do that. “It’s under control Paul,” he replied with a shaky tone.

“Good. Then stop talking to yourself and finish it. I’ll expect it in the next fifteen minutes.”

Paul had waddled off just as quickly as he had appeared. That f*cking manipulative devil.

John tried to get back to his work but he just couldn’t concentrate. He needed a buzz – something to look forward to instead of the usual mundane bullsh*t that bored him silly. At the press of a button the holiday pamphlet appeared on his computer screen. He really liked the look of it.

 Time Holidays - Freedom Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
 It's simple.  You choose the time.
 We replicate it and place you right in the middle of the action.
 All of your dreams come true.
 Do whatever you want.  Meet and greet the Romans... or kill the Roman Legion*.
 The choice is up to you.
 Most up to date equipment is provided to ensure your safety**.
 Call us today.
 *Case 800537 says that killing or injuring a time clone is not illegal.
 ** Safety cannot be guaranteed.

It was all so exciting. John decided then and there to do it. He was going to book a time holiday.

Things were never going to be the same again. Ever.


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